Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm sick

And I don't mean normal CF sick, I mean virus, fever, on the verge of throwing up sick.

Right now I can't sleep since I slept till 12:30 and I don't want to watch TV, so I figured why not blog from my phone.

It started last night. I just felt off, but not the way I have been feeling since I started the Cipro, it was a different off. Then all through the night I was having weird dreams and one I even got sick and I woke up in a panic thinking I had vomited in bed. Luckily all I did was drool a whole bunch (man I'm sexy haha). And it is just getting worse as the day progresses. I now have a fever of about 100, which no isn't bad but I spike fevers at night so I can only imagine what it will hit tonight. I'm not going to take any Motrin until I need to because I don't need to mess up my liver/kidneys more than they are already.

What made me want to blog was not to tell you all I am sick, but to ponder some things. What do you do when one person in your relationship is sick and the other isn't? I've never lived with a man before, at least not sharing a bed-wise so I'm not sure protocol. Do I sleep on the sofa since he is the bread winner? Do we continue to share the bed since he has a great immune system? Obviously I'll ask him when he gets home but for now I just lay here thinking.

If I don't feel better by tomorrow I'll be sending him off to NH with the kids without me. We have had this planned for a while and have had to postpone it a few times already. I don't want them to miss it again just because of me.
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  1. My husband very rarely gets sick. I think I can count that he has been sick with a cold or virus about 5 times since I met him in 1998! I'm not joking. So when I catch the twins' cold, I just stay in bed, and he does too. I can even kiss him and he won't catch it! You'd think by now some of his great immune system would have rubbed off on me.

    Well that's our situation. Nothing changes when I'm sick. When he's sick (which is rare) I just don't kiss him or share drinks.


  2. I would agree with the above post. If I am sick my husband rarely gets it from me. . .it's usually the other way around since my immune system is suppressed. We just refrain from kissing (as much as we can) and not sharing drinks. We have even gone as far as wearing masks in close proximity. Not leaving snot rags around will help reduce his chances of getting it too. BUT the best line of defense is washing/sanitizing hands!!!! But our regular sleeping arrangements stay the same. We don't sleep well otherwise therefore we can't get over the sickness as quick. Good Luck and hope you start to feel better!

  3. My husband doesn't get sick easily, so usually he stays in the bed with me. The only time he didn't was when I broke my knee; because he was afraid of hurting me. I agree with the above posters, they said it well.

    I hope you feel better soon...

  4. Thanks everyone. He was fine sleeping next to me and kissing me good bye. :) I love him.

  5. I am not sure what you meant by this:

    "Do I sleep on the sofa since he is the bread winner?"

    Do you mean that you don't want to keep him awake because he has to go to work? Your next sentence expressed fear of getting him sick. If that's what you are worried about, consider "what kind" of sick you are.

    If it's a "typical CF" thing, don't stress about it. If it's a virus or regular cold (as far as you can tell), then you might be contagious. Most of the time, I catch stuff from my hubby and not the other way around, but we have a king-sized bed and sometimes I spend the whole night unaware that he's there lol.