Monday, September 13, 2010


I don't know where to start!

This weekend was amazing!

We were supposed to be heading down to PA for my god-daughter's first birthday party, but it ended up being so much more!!!  I walked into my mom's house Friday night to over 60 people yelling SURPRISE to me!  They threw me a surprise 30th birthday party...30 days early lol.

I was floored and still in shock and had no idea what exactly everyone was doing there.  Took me a few minutes to realize that it was a birthday party!  I thought everyone was there to say hi haha!  Funniest part is that my brother was"at my mom's with the kids" and text me around 7:30 to see when I would be there because Kayla was getting fussy.  I said about an hour and go home if she is too bad.  Then my mom text me like 20 minutes later asking the same thing.  I told her the same thing I told him.  So then I kept her updated when we crossed the bridge into PA etc.  Well here, Peter was texting her too!  When we drove on the street there were a bunch of cars parked and I commented that someone must be having a party!  HA!  Little did I know it was MY party!  Peter said he laughed on the inside at that!

It was so awesome to see all my friends and my family, including those on my dad's side who I don't see all that often, there.  I had been saying to Peter just that day, that we needed to have a party so everyone could meet him at once!  Bastard knew ;)

I really enjoyed seeing everyone and the cake and presents and everything.  It was a green themed party!  Me and my save the world self.  Here are some pictures to see what I mean:

this is made from ivy (took it the next day so you could see it)

And we played Pin the Tail on Premiere!  My old show buddy, such a fabulous horse!

I definitely felt the love that night!!!  My mom made a video picture montage of me up until now and I want to post it SO bad but the way it is on the DVD makes it impossible :(  Look for a future post with a few select pictures of what was on it though.  And my dad had brought my mom down a folder of all the things my brother and I had made him as kids.  It was so funny seeing stuff from kindergarten and preschool and letters to Santa, from Santa, cards I made him.  It was so sweet!  And boy did I LOVE to color haha!!!  And thanks to my dad's early birthday gift, I was able to register for my art class last night!  It was the second best birthday present I got (first being the party)!!!

Saturday however, I got even better news!  I was approved for SSDI and had my first deposit in the bank.  Hoping to get a letter this week with all my info.  Unfortunately, all that money I got goes right to my LTD company, but that's OK because at least now I am officially disabled!


  1. That is so awesome Amy!! Wow. Finally everyone get to meet your man too. Happy 30th 30 days early and happy disablement. :)

  2. Happy Birthday! What a wonderful surprise. :) I'm so glad you had a wonderful time. It sounds like the perfect party! Sending you many Birthday {{{hugs}}}.