Thursday, September 15, 2011

Doubling up my Transplant Stay

Wednesday I had my follow up clinic appointment to see how the Levaquin worked on me.  I went in all excited because I felt great!  My SOB was down slightly, I knew I had gained a pound or two, I had a bit more energy.  So I was expecting to see 40% at least!  Imagine my surprise when my first blow was 34%, 1.01L!!!  I was floored!  My second attempt was 33% .98L.  I was able to get 1.05L 36% on my 3rd try so I was just below where I was the visit before.

We decided to couple my transplant evaluation on the 26th-27th with the beginning of a clean out.  So I will stay a few extra days to start the IVs then come home on them.  I was already going to miss my 3rd grad class so I am not too put out by this.  And when I show up with IVs in my arm, she won't be able to get mad ;)

So that is about it here.  Nothing to really report.  I do plan on doing a video from the hospital about the transplant tests and the stay so stay tuned in 2 weeks for some new YouTube postings.


  1. sorry to hear you need IVs and your numbers are lower then expected, but i'm glad you're at least feeling well and you can kill two birds with one hospital stay. my PFTs are actually in the exact same range as yours.

    as for your class, if you're bummed about missing (and if so, as a self-proclaimed school nerd, i totally relate!), it might be worth inquiring whether your professor can record the class so you don't get behind. in my classes, they have a little recorder device and they post audio on the blackboard site. it is obviously not the same as being in class, but it definitely helps keep you up-to-date.

    hope you keep feeling great! i'll be a lookout for those youtube posts.

  2. That's not a bad idea Emily. I already told her the first class I would be late for the 3rd class so this Tuesday I have to tell her I will be gone completely. Maybe she can record it or post something for me online so I don't get too far behind.

  3. Crap...this sucks! It's so interesting how we can feel so good, but have the numbers tell a different story. That's ALWAYS how it works for me. Then when I feel like crap, the numbers always look fine. Sending hugs from Ohio xoxo