Monday, September 26, 2011

You Know you Need a Transplant when...

The x-ray tech says "wow you are sick aren't you?"

Then he proceeds to show you your scans and explain things.  I was thrilled!  I haven't seen my lungs in years!  Holy whiteness!  A bunch of spiderwebs all over and a big pocket of air in my tummy.  He said I probably need a good burp (or a fart ha!).  He was also very excited that I am here for the evaluation work up.  He told me best of luck and he hopes I get many years out of this (you and me both!!!).

I had my right heart catherization this morning.  I was expecting to be sedated at least slightly, but I got nothing. Only some meds to calm my lungs down so I didn't cough.  In all honesty the procedure is not that bad, in hindsight of course.  They numb your neck, drape it and put your legs up.  You feel pressure, much like a picc insertion and I could hear the threading of the monitor.  As soon as they stuck me to start, the water works started.  I felt no pain but emotionally I must have been holding it in.  Its the first time I have really cried since being told about the evaluation.  I remember them calling out numbers and then I would have to breathe in, exhale and pause.  So I can see why you can't be sedated at all, now.  If they had told me that from the get go I would not have been so "ahhh" about it all.

That is the only test I had done today (besides chest x-ray and sinus ct scan), but tomorrow I will get everything else out of the way.  I have started my IV meds already and hopefully will be home by Friday so I can get back to my fiance!

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  1. I had my first picc line placed about 2 years ago (this was my first hospitalization/procedure EVER). I'm 25 now and have been diagnosed since I was 2. As soon as they started touching my arm, I started crying- just like you. Not from pain, but the overwhelming emotion. I had a great team in the room with me, and I even had a lady wiping away my tears streaming into my hair. I understand what you are going through. Thanks for sharing!