Saturday, June 2, 2012

PICC removed - Last Week

I just realized I didn't update after having my PICC line pulled!  My bad!

Well things didn't change at all from the week I last posted to when they pulled the line.

Literally....1.28L to 1.28L.  I can say I have NEVER had an identical reading before!  Maybe .01 or .02 off but never the same!  I am one thing for sure - consistently inconsistent!

So they pulled my line and I feel great!

Or I should say felt great till last night.  I started having upper left lobe pain around 11pm last night.  It felt kinda like pain I had before a month or so ago.  It went away eventually.  But last night's started to go up my neck and into my shoulder.  And it was painful to rotate my arm.  I took some Motrin and went to bed.  Could be pleurisy, and I think it may have been.

I woke up to no pain in my upper left lobe but now a pressing pain across the front of my chest, under my boobs.  Its constant but is worse with inhalations.  Again this is something I have experienced before so I am not worried.  However, when P and I went to the food store I was wicked SOB and coughing like mad.  I am also full of gunk.  Its thick and regular color though.  Might just be an infection pocket that has moved.  I am going to see how tomorrow is and if I don't feel better I will be calling the doctor's office on Monday.  I have some Cipro lying around I can take if need be.

This is 10 days off of IVs and I might need Cipro already.  Really CF?

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  1. Hi,
    My life seems to be mirroring yours at the moment. I finished iv's on Thursday and I already feel sick again! Also, my last week of Iv's, my lung function was also exactly the same as it was a week previous - weird!

    Anyway, I read your blog regularly but don't have my own blog so I guess we can't really be friends. But I just wanted you to know that I like your blog.