Thursday, May 17, 2012

Perpetually Exhausted

That is me.  Perpetually exhausted.  This Zosyn is kicking my ass!  But it is also working its magic on me!

My lung function has gone up 12%!!!!  I was 32% 3 weeks ago and now I am 44%!  WOHOO!

Overview of then and now:

FEV1 .95L 32% --------------------1.28L 44%
FEF 25-75 .38L 11% ---------------.61L 18%
FVC 1.76L 52% --------------------2.19L 65%

some good jumps there!  So only one more week of IVs and I can be done. Thank goodness.


  1. Awesome about the raise in PFTs :)

  2. hey cyster, i knew those drugs would get ya back up!! so happy for ya!! <3