Monday, December 17, 2012

Another Soul Gone Too Soon

It hurts....

It hurts so fucking much.

Rhi is gone.  She passed away this afternoon.  She never got the transplant she desperately needed and wanted.  She never got to be the lawyer she wanted to be.  

How do you come to terms with the death of a friend or a family member?  And one that has the SAME DISEASE that will kill you someday?  

Its hard enough to watch a friend pass away.  Its hard to see your brother in law take his last breath.  But its even harder to watch when you know they are dying from the same disease that you have.  Its rough to say the least.  

Breathe easy Rhi, and Shawn, and all those that have gone before you.  It doesn't seem real. They all seem like a dream, like a joke.  But they are sadly true.  I hope life is better on the other side and you are tearing shit up with all those friends whom meet you at the gates.

Love you all.....

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