Saturday, December 15, 2012

Happy...and Sad

So very sad

A good friend of mine.  The one I posted about needing a transplant like yesterday, well she is not well at all.  Her heart is failing along with her lungs and they have told her husband she needs new lungs in the next 12 hours or there is nothing more they can do for her.

We are all hoping and praying for a Christmas miracle to come in the form of some new lungs and maybe even a new heart if they think that will help.

On the happy front, a fellow CF blogger Jess received her new life a few days ago in the form of new lungs! So excited and happy for her!

What does this all mean???


When you die, you don't need them anymore.  Why not be someone's hero and save their life?  Why not donate them to someone who needs a few more years with their loved ones?

PLEASE sign up to be a donor!  Click this link if you are in the US and register.  And tell your family members too.  They are the ones who have to sign the papers when you are gone / almost gone.

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