Thursday, December 20, 2012

Transplant and Cysts

This morning I heard from the transplant clinic.  I was not presented last week, but was this morning.  The results are what was expected.  I am too healthy to be listed right now.  Fine by me as I am not even 100% sure I WANT a transplant.  So this means that I go into clinic every 4-6 months to get looked over.  Any issues I encounter, any hospitalizations, any set backs, I need to let them know so they can add it to my file.

Today I also had my GI follow up to the colonoscopy and endoscopic ultrasound back in November.  Mostly good news. :)  OK actually its all relatively good news lol.  The 9 polyps removed from my colon were benign adenomas - cancer polyps IF left untreated for many MANY years.  She said there were 4 on the left side and 5 on the upper right side and that sides don't really matter as far as developing cancer.  But 9 is a lot especially for only being 18 months since my last one.  I was told I NEED to come back every 12 months at the most.  Looks like every Oct/Nov I get to clean my gut out.....yaaaaaay.....

The pancreatic cyst is still concerning to the docs.  I had thought it went from 1.5cm to 2.2 cms, but it was 1.2cms to 2.2 cms.  She said if I was JUST CF I would be told to have it checked every 1-2 years.  But since Lynch Syndrome can also affect the pancreas they are slightly worried it almost doubled in size in less than a year.  So while I am inpatient in Jan they are going to do an MRI with sedation (I can not do them because I have anxiety issues and they NEED one done so they are knocking me out lol) to get a better look at it.  She said they wanted to get a biopsy but its in an awkward spot.  The GI doc who did the tests is one of the best at Dana Farber and she couldn't get it so they need to go with the MRI and possibly surgery for a biopsy.  So after the MRI I am meeting with a pancreatic surgeon to, as she put it, cover my bases like with the transplant evaluation, I don't need it quite yet, but just in case.  Not overly concerning issues, but still issues that need to be followed up on.

There ya have it.  I am cancer safe for now, and hopefully after follow up tests I will remain so....

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