Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Avoided Hospital...For Now

Today was clinic again.  Just to check and see if I responded to the Levofloxicin I was on for 14 days.  And surprise!  I didn't really.  I went from 1.09L to 1.14L.  So yes I did go UP but not much.

Dr D gave me sole say in hospitalizing me now or waiting until after the new year.  I opted for January 2nd.  I missed way too much school with the honeymoon and wedding to miss the last couple classes.  Plus we need to schedule the port placement, and if that can't be done immediately then we are looking at me being on IVs at Christmas and then not being able to go to PA to visit my family after.  So it is much easier to wait a month.  If something were to happen and I needed to go in now, I would call her.  But for now I am IV free for a little less than a month!!

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