Saturday, January 5, 2013

MRI - results


I hate that bright white, loud, claustrophobic machine with a passion.

Ativan helped though!

I was able to survive the whole 40 minutes without freaking out or even thinking of freaking out.  P was funny.  I texted him right before I left to go and he responded that with all the serious things I face, a TUBE scares me!  So true lol.  But fears are rarely rational.  And apparently can be subdued with some good drugs.

It was also nice to have the meds fed through my port.  Betty and I are definitely enjoying the new freedom from PICC lines.

Later on the weekend doctor came in and said the results showed the cyst had not grown since November and didn't show anything sketchy.  But I will wait to hear from my GI doctor before I start celebrating completely.  But its still good news and I will take it.  Now I just have to do this every 6 months to be safe....

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