Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Port De-Accessed!!!

I am officially de-accessed!  It feels great to have all that tape off of my chest finally.  I still have the steri-strips from the placement but they are making their way off.  One has already come off, the other 2 are loose.

Getting the needle out was quite the effort!  The nurse was going to have me do it but I was having issues getting the tape off and since I wasn't looking in a mirror it was hard.  So I told her to just do it and I could do it the next access time around.  Good thing she did it!  She was literally pushing on my chest trying to get it out!  The tape was all jumbled around the site and the needle didn't just retract out like they usually do.  Very odd!  It didn't hurt at least.

My FEV1 has stayed the same.  I was at 1.14L (39%) at my last appointment in December and I was 1.16L (40%) today.  Not much of a difference.  But I feel great so I can't complain!  I seriously feel like I am at my baseline, which is kinda scary thinking that my baseline is 40%?  Not horrible, but not the 43% I am used to.  3% is a difference ya know!!!

I am glad to be done with the nausea inducing meds!  It will be great to sleep a full nights sleep and not worry about feeling like shit a good portion of the day.


  1. Hope you do well. I wish you well. I enjoyed cheering you on but the language (s--t as an example) doesn't work for me. Hope you and your fellow CFers have a GOOD year!

    1. what do you mean the language? me saying shit? really? I have said MUCH worse on here before.

      Wish you well too....

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