Thursday, January 3, 2013


Well its done!  I finally got my port!  I think I shall name her Betty, after Betty White.  After all, that broad is still kicking hard core at 90 something....or is it 80 something?  Either way, meet Betty:

Betty and I are learning to get along.  She is a bit sore right now, but so far she is loving her new home.  I found out today Betty is a power port!  So I can get contrast dye injected through her.  She is a Dignity CT Implantable Port.  I have a little card to carry around with me so Drs etc can know what she is.

I have been sleeping pretty much all day today so far.  The meds are kicking my ass.  Last night I was totally out of it for quite a while from the procedure.  At first I thought the Versed was making me nauseous but turns out its more than likely the IV antibiotics I am on.  So looks like I have 2 weeks of feeling cruddy ahead of me.  Luckily tonight I am feeling more like myself.  I was able to walk on the treadmill this afternoon for 23 minutes, then napped for 2 hours lol.  Hoping that the dinner I ordered tastes better than the breakfast and lunch I had early.  Both are things I normally eat but with the nausea I had no appetite.  Right now I am starving so fingers crossed I eat it ALL!  OK, dinner came as I was blogging and I ate all that I could.  The potatoes tasted like ass so I skipped those but everything else is gone.  I even ordered a sandwich for a late night snack lol.

Since the flu is running rampant in the hospital I will be out of here by Monday at the latest.  I might even see about Sunday, if everything stays on course and I have no issues with Betty.  And tomorrow I am getting the MRI of my pancreas done with lots of Ativan so I don't freak out.  I kinda wanna be knocked out but we will see.  If i freak out while in there they may have to ;)

I am also sad to say that my friend Kelly passed away on the 1st.  I had no idea she was gone when I posted the blog yesterday.  I am heart broken.  Kel deserved SO MUCH more than she got.  But don't we think that for everyone that passes.  Her organs were able to be donated to others and her lungs are going to research.  So in the end, Kel was able to help a few people out.  That makes me smile to know she will live on as well.

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  1. Hey we are in hospital at the same time, likely the sexiest patients too ;)
    Hospital potatoes always taste like ass.
    I'm so sad about Kelly, but I know that she can live on in you and I and everyone else fighting our fight. We'll do it for her.
    Love Jess