Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Foreign Cities: A Memoir

Upon finishing the advanced copy, I was told by the publisher that I could write up a review and post it on my blog if I wanted to.  So here goes nothing!!!

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This is the first book based on CF that I have read.  There are a couple others out there, one of which I own, but I just have not gotten around to reading them yet.  Maybe it was the "pressure" from the publisher, or the shortness of the book that made me want to get right to reading it.  But whatever it was, I grabbed the book and didn't let go until it was finished (figuratively - it was my companion at the gym all week long).

Right from the start I was pulled in to the story.  Having CF I have a slight advantage over the average reader.  I was curious what Stephen's life was like.  Was he healthy growing up?  How did he and Liz meet? Did he get a transplant and was it successful?  Was he still alive?  All these questions were answered as I read along, getting to know Stephen and Liz and their life together.  I could commiserate with him and his hospital stays.  I could taste the meds as he inhaled them.  I could chuckle at the tackle box pill sorter.  I knew what all these things felt like, personally.  And its very reassuring to read about it in print and not just online.

The memoir is written by Liz, about her and Stephen's life as they lived with CF and the double lung transplant.  It gives a great perspective from the spouse's point of view, something that we as CFers will never understand.  After reading the memoir, I can better understand what P feels and goes through though.  Circumstances are different of course, but the fears, the hopes, the anxiety's and the sadness are all the same.    I have asked P to read it.  I know he will....in time.

NY Times states that this memoir is a modern day love story.  I agree.  The story begins with Liz and Stephen as just friends in school, then it slowly winds its way to love.  Their life is built up in front of your eyes, reeling you in and making you crave more.  I could feel the love, and the tenderness grow with each page I read.  The awkwardness of new love.  The questions of whether or not loving a CFer is a good idea.  Knowing you have no say in it - its all up to your heart.  I could feel my tummy tighten with anticipation as Stephen got the call.  I swallowed a few tears as Stephen had some setbacks.  I smiled as Liz talked about life now.

I don't want to give anything away, I want you all to read it when it hits shelves on April 8th.  You are welcome to pre-order online or with your local bookstore if you wish.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who lives with CF, knows someone who does, or who just wants to read a sweet story about two people who live as much as they can in the amount of time they have together.  

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