Sunday, March 10, 2013

Prevacid Duh

All week I have had horrible heartburn.  I have been eating Tums like they are candy.  At first I attributed it to my diet that I started Monday.  At the GI on Thursday I didn't mention it because I figured I would take 2 Prevacid in the am and see how I was by the evening.  I completely forgot about it.  Then yesterday it dawned on me....I ran to my pill container and what did I see??  NO PREVACID!  I had forgotten to put them in on Sunday with the week's pills!  Well duh!  So starting tonight my Prevacid will me back in my system!!!

(my anal OCD self did not allow me to take some yesterday.  My bottles hold one week's worth and I can't stand it when they don't line up lol.  So yes I suffered one more day...)

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