Thursday, June 6, 2013

I Wanna Bulk UP!

No not really!!!  But let's hope my plan of action doesn't make me.

Clinic was a bit disappointing.  As I posted last time I feel like ass, like complete and total shit.  So what happened at clinic?

Nothing...ok stuff happened but I am eh about it all.

FEV1 the same.  I went from 1.13L to 1.11L, 39%-38%.  Nothing worrisome there.  But no one seems to care that when I have an appointment at 9:30am my numbers are going to be waaaay better than when it is at 11am (this was a moved appointment so I had to make it that early if I wanted to go before June 26th).  2 hours post-treatment is great for me in the mornings.  4 hours post-treatment not so much.  Get me in the afternoon and that is my PERFECT time because that is pretty much how I feel from about noon till I go to bed around mid-night.  9am is NOT my normal lung feeling, nor capacity.  But that doesn't matter in the medical world apparently...Anyway.

When I explained my symptoms I felt like my doc was thinking I was lying.  Like I was looking for IVs for fun.  Yeah fun.  Let me tell you how much fun diarrhea, nausea and pure exhaustion are.  But they are worth it when you feel great after.

So instead what did I get?

An x-ray to make sure nothing was wrong in there.  Only some extra smudge on the lower lobes.
2 weeks of 750mgs of Cipro twice a day.
1 week of 20mgs prednisone twice a day
1 week of 20mgs prednisone once a day
30 days of 30mgs of Prevacid twice a day (been having a lot of extra heartburn lately)

Hoping the prednisone opens me up.  If it doesn't I am going to be so mad.  I can't fit a hospitalization in until beginning of September without missing classes and  I don't want to do that.

Oh well.  Camping this weekend and maybe the steroids will make it easier for me to bike ride, go on a scavenger hunt, and swim....

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