Friday, December 13, 2013

Home from the Hospital

I am home from the hospital.  I actually got out on Monday but I have been so busy finishing up my paper, that I turned in Wednesday, and appointments, that I haven't been able to update.

I was admitted last Wednesday night and for some reason on Thursday afternoon I spiked a fever.  102.3 at its highest.  No flu, no blood infection.  Nothing out of the ordinary except that fever.  Tylenol brought it down and by Friday night I was back to normal.

The doctors started me on Q36 for the Tobra this time since we always end up at that point anyway.  Seemed to work well.  Then I came home.  I had 3 doses total when the nurse drew my labs Wednesday morning and I was told yesterday to stop taking it.  Kidneys are not happy.  WTF!?  So now I am on oral Bactrim, oral Cipro and IV Ceftaz, aka. cat piss.  Hoping my FEV1 came up a bit so that I can stop the IV Ceftaz before Christmas.  I have clinic on Tuesday.  My body never responds to orals.  This is just wonderful.

Yesterday, Thursday, I had my follow up appointment to my colonoscopy.  It was a little disconcerting.  My colon polyp was adenoma as usual.  That wasn't concerning.  But, like I mentioned before they were finally able to biopsy that pesky cyst on my pancreas.  Turns out it isn't CF related at all.  Its a precancerous cyst related to my Lynch Syndrome.  Like the adenoma in my colon, if left untreated it has the potential to turn to a cancerous tumor.  "Biopsy of your pancreatic cyst revealed benign cells and CEA level 825 with amylase less than 3.  This may be consistent with a mucincous type of precancerous pancreatic cancer."  Fabulous.  We didn't' discuss removing the cyst.  Honestly I was a bit in shock that it WAS something that I forgot to ask about surgery.  She wants to monitor it every 6 months with MRI/MRCP's again, and if it grows, I can talk to a pancreatic surgeon then.  I am going to email her about just having it removed.  I don't want that shit growing.  On the bright side, I don't need mammograms just yet...

That is all for me.  School is over and I am doing lots of crocheting and sleeping.  I will post an update next week after my clinic appointment.

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