Tuesday, December 17, 2013

One More Week

One more week to go on Ceftaz...yaaaaaay *sarcasm* I can deaccess on Monday.   I'll be down there anyway for a derm appointment so I am going to go in after to do PFTs.

My numbers are up some 1.05L, up from .85L.  33, almost 34%.  Still not up to my usual 1.11-1.13L but its an improvement.  I don't expect much more since its only Ceftaz I'm on and 2 orals.  Which really sucks because next infection will drop me low again.

She wants me to get a hearing test next time I come in since I haven't ever had one.  Glad.  I don't think my hearing is horrible but I know certain pitches I can't hear.  Whether its age or TOBRA related who knows.

That's all for now.

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