Sunday, December 1, 2013

Time again for IVs I think

I had to bump my clinic appointment up to this Tuesday from December 17th.  Its only a 2 week bump but with Thanksgiving there was no way I could get in any earlier.

Anyway, my lungs have been really horrible lately.  I am super SOB, super tight, and in a good amount of pain 24/7.  Since my doctor took me off of maintenance Motrin a few months back I deal with minor pain constantly.  But nothing I can't handle.  However, the last few weeks I have been popping it like candy again.  I try really hard to avoid taking it but the pain gets so bad and I get so uncomfortable I have to take it.

I am also back up to 4 treatments a day and sometimes 5.  I barely make it 4 hours before I am sucking back the meds.  Sometimes, particularly at night, I don't even wait that long.  I just can't breathe at all.  I could barely make it up the flight of stairs, going super slow, at the library today and that was only 1.5 hours after my morning treatment, when I am supposed to be in my "best shape."

And the junkiness.  Can't forget the increase in the wonderful mucus.  Not much, but for me it is.

I really hope she just goes straight to IVs and does not want to try Cipro and prednisone first.  I go to PA right after Christmas and I don't want to feel like shit when I am there.  I always do and now I have a chance to be in better shape BEFORE I go down.  I don't know how it will all work anyway since we are no longer inpatient at Brigham and Women's but instead admitted to Children's.  This should be fun... I'm also worried she will want to start IVs but only at home and not admit me since we are in Flu season.  I like starting my course inpatient.  Its nice to have those few days to relax and not do household work, or cook.

The good news is if I do go inpatient I can finish up my final paper and some crochet projects that I have.  My last day of class is December 11th and then I am off for almost 6 whole weeks.  Being inpatient will give me some time to finishing editing my 38 page paper (ha its supposed to be 20ish opps).  Seriously I am really looking forward to a few days to rest.  I don't do that at home, that's for sure.

My appointment is on Tuesday and if I am lucky I will go in on Wednesday or Thursday.  This way too, if I have to do 3 weeks I will be done by Christmas, just ha!

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