Tuesday, December 3, 2013

It's That Time Again

Yup it is time for IVs!!!  This way I will feel fabulous (or as fabulous as someone with my lung function can lol) for Christmas and visiting my family.

I blew some really shitty numbers today.  FEV1 of 28%, .85L ha!  Last time, Sept 17, I blew 1.11L, 36%!!!  Holy drop batman!!!  I haven't seen numbers like that since I did the Vertex study in Jan 2011.  I was glad to see them so low because then she wouldn't suggest Cipro and Prednisone first.  She did get an Xray done to make sure I didn't have a collapsed lung or anything like that.  And I don't think I do or I would have heard back by now. 

BCH and BWH made some changes and all CF patients up to age 35 have to be admitted to BCH unless they are listed for transplant or already transplanted.  Luckily for me, I am technically listed for transplant even though I am inactive on the list.  Seems weird to say that.  But that means I can stay at BWH and not get used to another new hospital.  Yayyyyyyy!!!  

So it looks like tomorrow night I will be admitted and then I can be home on Monday, just in time to finish up my grad class.  Lots of editing of my paper and crocheting will get done!  Plus I starting getting a new magazine so I have 2 of them to bring with me.  I won't be bored that is for sure!

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