Sunday, July 27, 2008

Concert last night

OMG we had a flipping blast!!!! Well I know I did! I absolutely LOVE Staind and 3 Doors Down so I was in a state all night watching them and singing along. Just facing forward, singing, letting the music fill you, not knowing or caring what is going on behind you. It's the perfect concert and the reason I love lawn seats. You don't have to worry about being confined to a seat in one spot. You can sit, stand, lay, relax, do whatever you please.

The show itself was awesome. Staind rocked! They are just so good at what they do. I have seen them numerous times and it never gets old! I was really hoping they would play "Zoe Jane" but they didn't. Its ok though. I'm listening to it now haha! Their new album comes out August 19th and you can bet I will be there grabbing it up!!!! Everyone was sitting down through their performance so I stayed seated too. Still can sit-dance to all the music. :)

Of course 3 Doors Down rocked! They were the highlite of the evening. I love them, probably one of my favorite bands. Well not probably, they are haha! Great performance, great lighting affects, great pyro-technics! For these guys everyone stood so I had to stand if I wanted to see! Fine by me I stood up and just rocked with the music. I love just letting it fill you. Ugh its so great! They played a few newbies from their new album, I knew them of course haha! And some oldies like Kryptonite. Then of course I was hoping they would play "Here without you" and they did!!!! God it was awesome! I love that song! Almsot cried too, but thats another story :)

We went for Pat's cheesesteaks afterwards and it was yummy! Then home to bed for me so I can rest for my first day back to work tomorrow!


  1. You'd get along well with my high school best friend- he's obsessed with 3DD. He's seen them 19 times, and his wife got him backstage passes to the last show they did around here, so he has met them (and has MANY pictures to prove it, haha). My favorite of their songs is "Not My Time"...I think you can figure out why.

  2. You are an absolute bubbly hoot! It was good chatting with you a bit last night. Hope it eased the boredom a bit.

    I need to go out and see Frightened Rabbit or some band like that (abandoned church-kind of bands, but still oodles of fun). Fun to get out and be part of a crowd.