Monday, July 28, 2008

My first day back to work

It went great!

ok thats it haha!!!!

Just kidding!

No really though it went really well. Everyone was excited to see me which made me feel really good. Soooo many people were like "we are so glad to have you back". It really does help a person and boost their ego!!!! And the one principle, head architect for those less informed haha, said to me after telling me why my cubbie mate got canned that everyone is excited to have me back because its hard to find good help these days and that it is a complioment :) I was super stoked because this is the one guy I was not to sure if he liked me or not. But apparently he does!!

It was great being back and feeling needed and like I was doing something useful with my time again. I liked being off but at the same time it gets really boring when there isn't much you can do. I like having purpose, having something to look forward to every day even if it is "just" work. That is one of the reasons deciding to do part time is so hard for me. I love being there every day. I may not enjoy the commute and I may get annoyed or bored some days but I am always doing something worthwhile with my time. I am doing something that makes me feel "normal". I am doing something that makes me feel good. I can see what I have done at the end of the day and it makes me feel great. It makes me want to work forever.

Ohhh how I could go on and on about my troubles of having to decide when to stop working full time. But I shall not bore the 3 readers of this blog ;)

Nite all and pleasant dreams!!!!


  1. So glad that it went well!!

  2. It's always nice to have a complete life, which in my mind is still a simple one. Too bad when health and other issues get in the way. I'm eager to get working again as well. It'll be nice to work for its own sake, but also because it'll gimme more money to travel, mostly to pursue my armchair hobbies of soccer and college gymnastics.

    Glad you're returning to what you like. That's what life is all about.