Saturday, September 20, 2008

101 things to do in 1001 days

101 things to do in 1001 days

Thanks again to Lisa for posting this.
Here is where you can find the info.

Basically you are supposed to come up with 101 things you want to do in 1001 days or 2.75 years. They are supposed to be specific goals and realistic.

I would like my countdown to start on my 28th birthday. So October 10, 2008 I will begin!!!!!

It reminds me a lot of a Walk to remember, the movie. Where she makes the list of all the things she wants to do before she dies. Great movie and better book for those interested BTW.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about my list (almost a month it took, goodness). I actually completed some while in the process of doing it haha!

1. Pay off credit card debt
2. See a show on Broadway
3. Make friends with people I wouldn’t normally be friends with
4. Create a scrapbook
5. Print out all my pictures I have on my computer (that are worthy of printing)
6. Get my computer working again so it reads CDs
7. Take a cooking class
8. Start riding horses again
9. Write a short story
10. Have the short story published
11. Finish at least one book a month (0/33)
12. Take another history class
13. Get a sleep study done for O2
14. Take my jeep “muddin”
15. Take a Caribbean vacation
16. Do the tourist thing in Philly
17. Get a professional massage
18. See my nephew more often
19. Have dinner with my dad and step mom once a month or every 6 weeks
20. Donate all my old books to the library
21. Get all my pants hemmed
22. Get a CF tattoo
23. Do volunteer work
24. Get rid of old junk
25. Start exercising more
26. Make homemade Christmas presents one year for everyone
27. Paint a picture
28. Do saline rinses
29. Delete old files off my computer
30. Go to the movies once a month
31. Smile at a stranger at least once a day
32. Spend a night under the stars
33. Go camping
34. Learn to knit
35. Go to Disney World
36. Win a Halloween costume contest
37. Make candles from scratch
38. Buy a mountain bike and actually USE it
39. See Rome again
40. Go on a super romantic dinner
41. Display my Lenox crystal animals in something other than a moving box
42. Visit all 50 states (31/50)
43. Spend a day at the spa and not worry about price!
44. Go tubing down the Delaware
45. Learn to drive a wave runner
46. Get a makeover done
47. Make chicken noodle soup from scratch
48. Make an edible beef stew
49. Take an Italian class
50. Take a French class
51. Buy a new DVD player
52. Buy a new stereo
53. Start going back to church
54. Wish on a shooting star
55. Stay off of lung transplant list (active list)
56. Celebrate 30th birthday with HUGE party
57. Send Holiday cards to family and friends
58. Update address book
59. Pick my own strawberries
60. Visit Times Square on New Years
61. Go to Vegas
62. Start doing Pilates again
63. Date more and not be so darn picky about dates
64. Keep a private, paper journal
65. Eat more organic foods
66. Visit grandparents’ graves
67. Begin IDEP program
68. Become a member of ASID
69. Save money
70. Make a will
71. Do a scavenger hunt
72. Throw a surprise party for a family member or friend
73. Spend an entire weekend in bed/on the sofa (not sick)
74. Recruit more people to be organ donors
75. Go ice skating
76. Go roller skating
77. Play volleyball
78. Stop working so much
79. Spend more time with friends’ kiddies
80. Go to First Friday in Philly
81. Buy laptop for hospital stays
82. Actually go Christmas shopping on Black Friday
83. Finish Christmas shopping before December 1st
84. Go on a picnic
85. Learn to ballroom dance
86. Bake homemade banana nut bread
87. Recycle more
88. Buy more organic products
89. Throw a Halloween party
90. Start Birth Control
91. Get teeth whitened
92. Meet more online friends in person
93. Be more feminine (i.e. more necklaces and earrings) for work
94. Have a yard sale
95. Work on self esteem
96. Watch entire Disney animated collection videos
97. Curse less
98. Plant a tree
99. Do a random act of kindness
100. Meet the man of my dreams
101. Celebrate completing 101 things in 1001 days!


  1. Such a wonderful idea.... hmmmm....

    I wonder if I can complete such a list by the time I am 37. That is just under 2 years... Would be an awesome present to myself.