Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Clinic Today

Clinic went well. My weight and numbers are up slightly. I put on 4 lbs! I now weight 116. Fat ass hahahaha!!!

My PFTs are as follows:
FEV1 - 42% 1.31L... it was 40% and 1.26L last time in July
FVC - 65%
FEF25%/75% - 15%

Overall very good.

I am being put on O2 at night! Yay!!! Just 1 liter for now, but I am glad about it. So I have officially joined the O2 user ranks LOL. I have to start exercising regularly though. They want me to monitor my O2 when exerting myself. So it looks like I NEED to get my fat butt outta bed on the weekends and get there, and start walking at night with my friends and SIL.

He is also stoked about my 4 day work week which I will be starting soon...kinda. Most likely Nov 1st or somewhere around that date.

I didn't ask about tx but I just am not ready to hear his response to be honest. As much as I want to know what his criteria are for recomending tx I am not ready to hear that I may be closer than I thought. So I will hold off on that for a while :)

Back to work I go weeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!


  1. Yay! Congrats on the good numbers!

  2. Wonderful that the numbers are up. I am somewhat surprised he wouldn't be more forthright about whether you need to initiate the tx wait or not. I guess some docs are different. Not a subject you want to wait too long on though, right?

    Good luck whatever happens on that front.

  3. Great news! Super glad to hear you got the O2 issue worked out... now you can join our oxygen cystics club!

  4. Good your numbers are up! It sucks having to do the O2, but you will feel more rested using it!

  5. Don't you worry, you'll hate O2 soon enough.

    (always the bringer of positive thoughts, I am)

    I hope you don't wake up strangled by the I often do. I beleive it's a message.

    best of luck to you deary!!!!

  6. Maybe the weight gain was all of the good food at Disney? LOL Anyway, congrats on a good appt. I'm glad to hear you are trying the O2. I hope it makes a difference in how you feel.


  7. Glad to hear you had a good clinic visit. I always wonder what my docs criteria for tx is too, but at the same time I want to avoid the question.

    Again Yay for good clinic visit!!

  8. Amy,
    I'm SO glad your numbers are up. My docs didn't even mention transplant to me until my fev1 was in the upper 20's.
    Hooorayyy for 4 day work weeks, weight gain, and I'm glad you will be on some O2 at night. It should make you feel more rested in the AM.

  9. 42%?! well crap, that just means I have to work HARDER to keep up with percentage point to go (I think I can, I think I can).

    Great news Amy - tx is a few years off yet!!!

    btw, if you're gonna use that o2 at night, you better get used to those sinus rinses again - otherwise you're nostrils will be crusted shut with dried out, gloppy goo (appetizing, huh?).