Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Leaving for Disney

Well not really until 3:30am Thursday morning but I know I will have a ton of stuff to do tomorrow night so I thought I would update now :)

Maggie is all taken care of. My mom is going to pick her up Thursday morning after work at 9:30am and keep her until Friday afternoon. Then she will drop her off at the kennel where she is gonna stay until Monday morning. I called today and it is all set up. I just have to pack a bag for Maggie. Then my mom will keep her again until Thursday afternoon when I come home. Or she might drop her off on her way back to work Thursday around 2:00 pm. I am glad that is all settled.

I am pretty much packed up. Tomorrow I am getting 7 of my meds delievered from CF Services Pharmacy and I have 3 I have to pick up from Rite Aid. So that will keep me busy. All I have left to pack is my meds and tolietries.

Tonight of course I am trying to upload the new Staind CD to my iPod but my fucking computer is being a bastard! It won't even read the dam thing and Microsoft support keeps trying to tell me there is NOTHING wrong with my computer! Oh really? Then why the fuck can't I upload CDs when a few months ago I could?!?! Dumbasses!!!!

I am super tired tonight but I am trying to stay up a little bit so I am tired tomorrow and will fall asleep by 10pm :)


  1. Have fun on your trip!

    Glad you got your dog's accommodations all figured out.


  2. Have fun!! I wondered how the puppy situation worked out. Glad to hear you have a compromise.

  3. Piccies! Mith your minnie ears!


  4. Loser,

    Come back from Disney soon.

    Try not to 'swallow' anything.

    You missed Ike when it blew up through Penn and shit lastnight. It hit us good in Ontario.

    That is all.