Sunday, September 28, 2008

CF meet and greet in NYC

I must say I had an absolutely amazing time! It was awesome meeting Piper, Courtney and Patti for the first time. Graves I had already met at Melissa's party in March so I knew him already :)

What I found the most amusing was not the fog at the top of the rock but the coughing we all did. For me it was the funniest part. It was like music. We each have our own distinct cough, but always phlemy and always head turning.
I have never met someone in person who had a tx so meeting Patti was great! Seeing someone who went through all the BS I go through and now no longer coughs from CF was mind boggling and facinating! Watching her take the stairs like a champ and then not try to catch her breath at the top really made me want that! Those dam guards laughing at us complaining that we had to take the steps and then the 3 of us breathing REALLY heavy at the top. Assholes! I also really enjoy meeting the significant others of CFers because it does give me hope :) Nate seems like a really great guy and very supportive of Patti. A great find!!! And Patti your son is adorable! He had a blast and was so cute wanting to sit on all our laps. He is going to be the next Bill Gates for sure! Thank you so much for coming and letting us all see what life can be like after tx!
Piper is totally NYC! She fits right in with the persona of the city. Very sheek, very "go get em", very fun. She is definitely a lawyer all the way! After viewing the fog we were a little hungry again (dam CF haha!) so we decided to go to the food court and eat. Well the place was packed and there was not enough seating for the 8 of us. So we saw this little cafe place with seating and asked if we could sit in there. They said it was closed and we couldn't. Piper tried desperately to get us in there but they were stubborn as nails and refused, telling us there are 400 seats in the food court, sit there. They didn't seem to get that we are a large group and would prefer to sit all together. Luckily we did find a few emply chairs and all to gather in and we hung out for a few more hours. Thank you Piper for giving us a great tour of the city!
Courtney is super cute! Very quiet but so sweet!! I am so glad we were able to work around you being in NJ so you could come! Maybe one day we can all come to Dallas and meet you down there. That would be a fun road trip! I hope you don't think Kim and I ditched you in the train station. I went to get our tickets and Kim went to look for a potty and when I got the tickets I didn't see you anymore so I assumed you saw your train was coming and took off. Then I thought that maybe we just left ya and then I felt bad. And being that I didn't have your number I couldn't call to make sure you found it ok. I felt bad, but was so relieved when I saw you posted this morning :)
Graves it was great seeing you again. I am glad that you choose to be a part of our CF community. You will make a great RT! Kim was confused and thought you had CF also. On the train ride she was like "wow did Graves have a tx too? He didn't cough at all". I explained that your best friend had had it and then she was like "ohhhh ok that makes sense haha!".
Even though we could not see a thing at the Top of the Fog, we enjoyed ourselves. We made the most of it, taking pictures in clouds...literally!!! Then we all watched Brady run around in the Target room of lights while we sat on the floor and chatted. That was alot of fun and screw the guards if they hated us :) I agree with Courtney that the room is set up so idiots like ourselves go in, try to make it light up by dancing and the guards sit in a room laughing their asses off at us haha!!!!

I was exhausted by the end of the day and could not wait to crawl into bed!!! I slept until 11am today haha!

Here are a bunch of pictures from the day:

This is Courthney, Me, Patti, Piper and Graves outside of the Prime Burger where we had lunch

Patti's hubby Nate walking around and Brady asking Piper to pick him up in the bachground

Sadly this was the view from the top!

The top of the Rock as seen from the floor 67 observation deck
Us at the top in clouds!
We went up to the 69th floor and looked down over where we had just been (for the pic above)
Upon leaving Rockefeller Center the clouds had dissappeared slightly and you can see where we HAD been!
All the flags
Outside the ROC...we did lots of group shots haha!


  1. Looks like you guys had a blast! I like the Dallas idea! "Salty Girls Taste Better" and "Transplant Inside" - awesome! : )

  2. I don't know if I ever would have made it to the "top of the fog" - no way in h*ll I could have taken the stairs (do they even offer 67 floors of stairs?), and without being totally drugged up, I'd prbly have a major anxiety attack being confined in a hydrolic moving tin can, relying solely on man-assembled shoddy workmanship to "safely" transport me to the top.

    Glad you all had a great time!!

  3. What an awesome trip. I'm jealous! I'm so glad you guys had so much fun. Thanks for taking such great pics!

  4. You guys are just the absolute cutest!!! I'm so glad you had fun, and Amy... LMAO at your shirt.. it's great!

  5. looked like fun! I loved seeing the pictures of everyone.

  6. So glad you guys were able to get together. Thanks so much for sharing the pics.


  7. Awesome!!! I'm just seeing picts now and love them. Looks like a lot of fun -- I want to meet up sometime too. :)