Sunday, April 12, 2009

Finished a project!

I completed my baby booty and baby hat yesterday! I must say it looks mighty fine LOL

I just hope it fits her!!!!!! If not I will do it over. The hat took me all of an hour. It was so simple I think it might be my new favorite thing to make!!! Hats for everyone for Christmas!!!!!!! :)

The yellow ones I made for her too using a very soft and fluffy yarn. I would love to make a blanket out of it but it is $5 for 2 oz of yarn since it is made from bamboo. But thats ok...I can fins something very similar :)


  1. The hat is too cool !! You should start selling them on etsy (, thats a great site for handmade stuff, I sell fingerless gloves there) If you do, send me the link, I will buy a hat from you :)

  2. Thanks Molly!!! I'll have to look into it!!!!! :)

  3. Very cute!!! Any chance I can get the patterns from you? I can't seem to find any that I like, at least for the booties. Hats are easy, and fun since they go so fast!

  4. Jess for the booties I chained 32
    did 5 rows of HDC, slip stitch in 5 then did a row of HDC leaving 5 stitches at the other end too. Then 5 more HDC and finished off the end with slip stitches. Just fold it in half and sew it up then flip it inside out and fold the top down :)

    I got the pattern from here but modified it since when I made it based on hers it was kinda small!!

  5. I wish my homemde socks were made out of the yellow stuff! Great Job!