Thursday, April 16, 2009

My jeep!

I decided to take pics of my jeep's ass and post them LOL

I have a lot of bumper stickers which crack me up so here are pics of them :)

the one on the bottom left that is all white says "if you're gonna ride my ass at least pull my hair" LMFAO!!! I got it like 4 years ago and it is all worn out so I think I need a new one.

no words needed!

Daaaam right! (to both)

hehe LOVE it! Just got it in the mail today from



  1. I love the ride my ass one! ROFL!

  2. Ahhhhh hahahhahahaha I love them!
    Although we just had a pit maul 3 civilians and a police officer a couple of towns over. Very messy scene. I know I know they are not all bad.
    I love the "pull my hair" and Shawn was especially fond of the handicapped-don't assume sticker.
    I also love your Jeep, hey do they do the gay Jeep wave where you live, a phenomenon Shawn and I were not aware of. I wave Shawn refuses for some reason and gives the finger instead.

  3. P.S. He has no problem doing the macho motorcycle half wave thing though. He's a snob

  4. Those are hilarious. I'm tweeting the ass one now. hahaha!

  5. My favorite is the blacked out license plate!! ;-)

  6. LOL yes Tina we do the gay wave here :) Well some do it, more along the younger age side....I have seen a few oldies (like 60+ it seems) and they don't wave haha!!!!

    LMFAO Rhi!!!!!!

  7. Great stickers!!! And sweet jeep I might add....


  8. I'd be cracking up if I pulled up behind you!!