Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Visit #3

I'm not going to give too much info but I did want to update.

I got the med/placebo today.
Did PFTs (went down...38% down from 42%)
Blood work
Another pregnancy test....still negative LOL
Sputum culture
Weight is down another half pound
Blood pressure is still kinda low for me
HR was actually below 100 for the first time for them in a loooooong time! I was excited haha

The usual fun stuff.

I will go back next Wednesday to make sure I am still doing ti all right and to test everything again. They do before and after dosing.

All in all a good day. :)


  1. Glad to see an update from you. :)


  2. Lol on the still negative pregnancy test...

    I love how even tho I assure them it's not necessary to take one they insist :)

  3. LOL Yeah I asked if not having sex in the last month since my last test matter and she said "nope they still want one"!! I told her that if it was positive we would both be rich!! :)