Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bad blogger update

I'm a bad bad blogger I know...a whole WEEK without an update, shame on me.

There really isn't anything to update on. I have not improved at all since starting the Colistin. At this rate yes I will be hospitalized come next Wednesday. I have already forewarned my cubby buddy so she knows, and Monday I will let my boss know so that they can plan accordingly. Unless of course something happens and I feel tons better by then. But I highly doubt it. I think a good old fashioned IV slamming and beating will do my body good!

Today was a mighty fine day. I laid on the sofa for most of the day watching the NCIS marathon on USA and finishing up the baby blanket. I also made a cute little bag to hold my eclipse balls in for my home IVs...yes I'm a geek LOL! Last night I found all the yarns and patterns I need to make the 4 Christmas presents for my female relatives. Today I ran out to renew my library books and I stopped at AC Moore to pick up the yarn. I had no idea but if you are purchasing yarn to make clothing they don't tax you! I never knew that! The cashier asked me and I said they were for ponchos and she told me that bit of info. Good to know!!!!!!

I packed up some yarn and patterns so that I can get started on said Christmas presents while in. And I need to get some more books out too. I refuse to pay for the TV while in so I am going to need something to do for 13 days :)

Well thats all. I will update everyone as soon as I know something for sure...or I miraculously feel like a million bucks!


  1. I wish we still had an AC Moore. We had a store for a good while, then it went out of business =(

    I hope you feel better, but understand that a tune-up might be in store!

  2. I would loose all hope in life without my AC Moore LOL

  3. Wah sorry to hear your not feeling better, but think how good you'll feel after an inpatient stay. Wow Amy you are a crocheting maniac! I really should learn.
    Take Care we love you!!!!

  4. Hope you feel better soon! I can't remember if you've ever said - when you get IVs do you get a picc or do you have a port?

    I think my memory really sucks! haha Xx

  5. LOL Meg...I get a PICC. I don't have a port yet. I always say I'm gonna ask for one, then when I go in I chicken out. I'm not ready for "that" step yet LOL