Friday, July 10, 2009

Looney Doctor's

Well after my little "revelation" on Saturday with said cute guy from high school I decided that it is high time to haul my sorry anxiety strewn ass back to the psychologist's. I did some research online and found 3 that I am going to look into some more. One I am very interested in because one of her fields is health disabilities. I really wanted a clinical psychologist and she is a licensed professional counselor, but that may not be a bad thing right? Wednesday I will be making some phone calls to see when I can get an appointment.

Yay for being crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As a side note, the dam bedroom door upstairs is creaking from the wind and giving me the willies!


  1. I think that finding a person that you are comfortable with is much more important than the degree the person has. I have seen a variety of people, from licensed social worker to psychiatrist. The best that I have found is a PhD.

    Also, the style of therapy is really important. Some just listen to you talk and others are more proactive. So, really think about what you would like from this. Ask yourself if you want to just vent, or if you want to come up with a detailed checklist, or something in between. I found that talking about this upfront with the therapist has been very helpful.

    Anyway...good luck!!


  2. Thanks Lisa!!!! My last therapist was ok for a while but then after a year or so we drifted from talking about what I wanted to talk about (CF) to what he wanted to talk about (my social life). I stopped going to see him finally.

    Thanks for the well wishes :)