Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In the hospital

Well most of you are well aware of this already but here are some details. And yes I have to do this from my crackberry so please forgive any spelling and punctuation :) also I apologize to my blogger friends that I can't read your blogs while in but you shall all keep me company when I am sprung!!!

My numbers were actually UP today!!! I was at 43% this morning up from 35!!!! Which is awesome but I still feel SOB and congested. So we decided a stay in here with the big boys would get me higher and keep me from dropping any lower.

So I'm in for a few days to get the meds started and to get my colonoscopy done too.

My room is fabulous!!! So big even though the view blows lol! But hey I have room for a stationary bike and a treadmill and guests :) even though I'll only get the bike and guests lol!

Well that's all from my front. I'll be sure to keep everyone posted!!!
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  1. Man there are quite a few of us in the lock up right now. I'm glad your room is big. I find that between my bed, IV pole, and the 35 chairs there is VERY little room to even move. Luckily I get to get out everyday and do PT!

  2. Hope it's not a long stay! You have a treadmill in your room? Where you at, the Ritz Carlton?


  3. LOL no treadmill. Just used that to explain how big my room is :) I will get a bike this weekend. They give them to all the CFers over the weekends since PT only does M-F.

    Are you in too Jess???

  4. Amy,

    Here's to higher numbers!!!!!!!! I will be thinking of you.......get better quick!! :)


  5. Wow! That's a huge jump in numbers. All that work on the treadmill at home must be working! I hope you get out sooner rather than later and can finish up the process at home. Good luck! What cocktail do they have you on this time?

  6. Exercise does a body good haha!!!

    I'm on meropenem, ceftaz and tobra :)