Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rearranging my life

Well today we got some shitty news at work...they are cutting our hours and pay by 10%. Crappy but better then letting a shit ton more people go. What this means for me is 2 things and hopefully no more.

1. No school starting in January. It is not feasible by any means.

2. Waiting to do SSDI/LTD. I can't save with that much of a reduction in pay so going out of work just isn't going to happen. Of course it some unforeseeable thing were to happen and I needed to that is different.

I was a mess earlier today wondering what all I could do to deflect some of the financial craziness I am going to encounter. Of course top on the list was selling my baby...my jeep. I can't do it though and my mom said we would figure something out before we have to sell it. So for now she is safe. But I need to figure ways to cut back...I don't spend money on anything that is not needed. Everything is allocated each month and budgeted. Guess I need to recalculate.

I am working on the fabulous questions you all have posted!!!! Some good ones in there woohoooo!!!!!!


  1. Wow that sucks Amy!! I hope that you can figure it out!

  2. hey Amy that really stinks I am so sorry and I hope things will pick up and they will return you to normal soon. I was going to mention that you pick up a dave ramsey book there are two the one I would recommend is called total money makeover and will help you think of some awesome ways to re-prioritize and the other is financial peace revisited which is more detailed.

    take care

  3. Oh no! Not the Jeep, you love her and she is so you! Your sense of adventure, freedom and independence. I hope you work it out Ames. We're pulling for you.

  4. hey amy, you dont have to get a huge cut when you go on ssi. i get about a grand a month and if i wanted to go back to work i could make up to a grand more and they still wont take my ssi away. the amount they give you is all based on what you earn now. they also let you make money as well for all our other expenses. have you talked to anyone at the ssi office? try asking them some questions. for me making 2 grand a month is more than enough. plus with medicaid and medicare all my copays are paid for. they might give you more money since you have a degree and are a lawyer. i met this guy that used to be a doctor and he had to go on diability and they gave him a ton of money too. there's no harm in asking them questions.