Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bodies and homes are surprisingly similar

Given my design / architecture background I thought this post would be funny and informative.

A few nights ago I was laying in bed thinking about a Cyster whose initials are MEP. It made me giggle. MEP in the design world stands for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing. It made me giggle because it relates to a Cyster's body as well. Also Fibros, I won't leave them out of this no worries.

Our bodies are much like those of a home. We have mechanical systems (arteries, heart, lungs etc), electrical systems (brain, spinal cord, nerves etc), and plumbing systems (stomach, colon, bladder etc). Each part of the system need to be working properly in order for our bodies to run smoothly. If they don't we end up seeing a doctor / specialist who will diagnose and fix the problem (hopefully). Much like a home owner must do when something breaks in one of their systems.

Now doctors and those with chronic illnesses have a slight advantage over the average person. We are able, for the most part, to diagnose the issue and seek out the proper treatment. This is also the case with those that work on the aforementioned home systems. Plumbers and electricians can find the issue and resolve it on their own, or if they can't do it alone, they know someone who can fix it.

Another similarity - we (chronically ill and doctors) are also sought out for answers regarding problems friends and family may be having with their bodies. Or to recommend a doctor to someone. Much the same as a plumber or electrician is asked for advice from family and friends about who to use for the work that needs to be done on their homes. Or in some cases they are asked to do the work themselves. I have been known to perfom CPT on a friend with a chest cold from time to time.

All of the systems, be it in the home or the body, need upkeep. We need food, water and medicines to keep us running at top speed. A home needs to be maintained in order for it to provide us with a clean living environment.

I know it isn't an all encompasing blog and there is way more that can be added, but I thought it might give everyone a fun little thought for the day. Is there anything about your job or career that you can compare to the way a human body works?

(disclaimer - I don't have spell check so please excuse any spelling mistakes, it is not my strong point in life lol)


  1. wowsers, I hope I'm the MEP you write of! If not.. then I wanna know this other CGmep!!

    The thing I always think is ironic about my job (drama teacher), is that I'm always talking to people about how they breathe! I'm constantly coaching actors about their breath during warm ups, exercises and rehearsal. I'm like the breath-crazed director. It's weird.

  2. Hehe yep that'd be you CG!!!

    Breath crazed O2 wearing drama teacher lol

  3. Hello
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