Monday, January 11, 2010

Colistin update

I did my final Colistin treatment this morning. Granted I only had 8 days worth but still. I am not refilling my rx. I just can't do it. I want my lungs to go back to normal.

I talked to Dr H on Thursday and he started me on 10mgs of Prednisone twice a day. And to start tappering to 5mgs at night on Saturday night if I was feeling better. I am still on 10mgs twice a day. I feel no different, but yet I don't feel worse. So maybe that is something. I am supposed to call him today to update him. I really hope he doesn't want to see me on Wednesday. I will go home if he insists but I won't be happy about it lol.

At least it is not an infection and entirely from the drug. That is a relief I think.

My coughing attack Friday night when I got into bed left me at 80% O2 and 173 HR. Insane!!!! That has been the worst by far since I started. At least when I am watching my numbers. I have my pulseox glued to my hip so I can monitor. I probably should have my O2 on constantly to help but when I am sitting here my HR is only about 110ish and my O2 is in the 93-94 range which is normal for me. It's the up and moving around that gets me!

After I talk to him I will update my post.

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  1. Hi Amy...
    I'm a 29 yr old CF'er from Eastern Canada. When I read your blog it's as if I'm reading my own thoughts!! I cried when I read the letter to your baby Maggie.
    I'd love to speak with you sometime... My email is