Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hospital 101

Not really anything to update on as of yet.  They are starting the discharge process to find a home care company and IV company.  My health care requires them to be separate companies.  Talk is that I will go home on Friday.

They are checking my blood sugars while I am in for a few days.  I also had my A1C checked with my blood work and it came back 91.  Last night, 6 hours after eating my BS was 91.  I had not had any IVs yet and hadn't even had my IV line placed yet.  This morning, 12 hours after dinner it was 121.  I had 2 IV Ceftaz already.  Both times they said it was good.  I guess I believe them though 121 seems kind of high.  But after checking with WedMD, seems 121 is high normal so I am golden.  I still bounce between 80-121 so I guess we are good so far.

Last night I had to drink Potassium powder in cranberry juice.  My level is normal, but on the low side so they wanted to bump me up.  That was some nasty stuff!!  It was salty and sour from the powder and kind of sweet and sour from the juice.  A totally wretched combination.  Although it was better than the GoLytely of the last admission.  I still hope that I am free of that nastiness this evening.

I moved on to my second IV, as I patiently awaited my PICC placement.  One of these days I will give in and just get a port.  But I have yet to want to cross that line.  Of course, if my PICCs start going askew I will be forced to get the port, and will like it!  And of course I think I junxed myself with this PICC.  It is much more painful then it usually is and I can't lift my arm above my head without feeling like I am cutting off the blood flow.  Also, a new development, is the IV likes to beep when I cough hard.  Occlusion on patient end haha!  I just hit the restart button and voila!  But how annoying is that going to be at 4 am with my next antibiotic!  If nothing changes by tomorrow I will be saying something.  I don't need 2 weeks at home with a shitty PICC line.

Emotionally my first night in patient always gets to me.  I get sad and depressed and lonely.  I don't want to talk to people per say, but I don't want to be alone either.  So usually I just fiddle around on facebook and pretend I am at home.  I talked to Peter a little bit too and that helped.  He is coming to see me tonight and I can't wait.  I miss him so much!  I go away for days at a time when I visit my family but this is so much different.  I don't have anything keeping my attention and occupying my time like in PA.  So seeing him tonight will help my spirits bounce back.  Plus, as I had stated in a previous blog, I hate when people act all "oh I'm so sorry blah blah blah" when I go inpatient.  And they feel they need to talk to you and that you magically want to talk to them all of a sudden.  So that annoys me (and no my fellow CFers and blog readers I do not mean you!  Texts are perfectly fine with me, its when they insist on calling a bunch).


  1. for me the worst part of being inpatient is just missing my own home and my bed and my puppy and the people i love, so i definitely understand where you're coming from. friends always call and are like "blah, blah, it sucks that you're sick" and my response is, "well, no, i'm HAPPY to be taking care of the sickness and healing part -- i just miss being able to do my own thing whenever i want!" they never quite understand that hospital blues aren't about wanting sympathy or pity for my illness, but more about the desire to feel NORMAL. and then they baby me and i get even more fed up -- and the cycle continues!

    anyway, that's my rambling way of saying preach on, cyster ;) i'm so glad peter is coming to make you smile and laugh and take your mind off the dreary hospital routine. and i'm glad you're in and getting better (quickly, of course!), because i know that the healthier you get now, the more fun you'll have this whole summer!

    ps: i can come visit sometime soon, or you and peter could always come down to the city for a weekend. maybe patti and nate could come too! let's get one or the other on the calendar for september/october!

  2. Amy, I was low end of normal on the Potassium as well during my last admit in April. The cranberry juice cocktail just didn't cut it. I would just slug it down in one go and then do the old body shiver and move on. I had to do 3-4 days of it if I remember correctly. I tried apple juice as well and that wasn't any better. Monday-Friday is pretty standard for Brigham as far as getting you in and out. That's what I was as well. Enjoy your view(you are looking over the mission hill neighborhood based on your picture). Remember about the garden courtyard at Childrens where you can get some fresh air and read your book. Anyway, good luck with the rest of the stay and I hope the picc settles down in a day or so once your body gets used to it.


  3. When I was diagnosed with CFRD they told me a normal blood sugar is between 70-150. Sounds like yours was pretty good.