Wednesday, August 4, 2010


My tune up is over!  They pulled my PICC line at clinic yesterday.  I was so excited.  Best shower I had in 2 weeks!

Nothing else much to report.  My FEV1 went up slightly to 1.44L, 46% (49 for CHOB standards), which is good news.  My weight was back to where I was in March, however, I hadn't pooped in 2 days so I was a bit full.  Miralax is must for the next few days to empty me out.

The joint pain I am experiencing has her a bit baffled.  Usually patients get it before the exacerbation starts and it goes away after meds.  Mine, however, started a week after I started the meds.  We are going to wait and see if it goes away in a week, and if it doesn't, we will go from there.  Luckily, I don't have to go back until October 5th, unless I have any issues before that.

She told me what I cultured last time and some of it is a first.  Psuedo as usual, a strand of staph (that she said should go away with my IVs I was on) and something else she mentioned, which I can't remember right now, of course.  But the PA is normal for me, and the rest should be destroyed with the meds.

Other than that no new news.  Life is moving forward, I am on the hunt for a primary care physician, a gynecologist, dentist, eye doctor, GI doctor and therapist (mental).  The PCP, dentist and eye doctor I think I have I just have to call to make appointments and see if I like them.  The GI and therapist I have recruited the social worker to help me with.  The gyno, well I am going to have to pick one and go to.  I'm weird about the girlie region, and hope I find one that is familiar with cancers of the reproduction organs and will have an opinion and whether or not I should dispose of my uterus :)

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  1. That first shower is the best. There is nothing like it.