Friday, August 13, 2010

Scratch Scratch, Itch Itch, Oh what a Pain it is!

It has been almost 2 weeks that I have been off of the IV antibiotics and I am a mucusy mess again.  It is only noticeable after a treatment with the saline, thankfully.  That means I have time to keep it there and not let it get out of control.  Funny how soon all that gunk comes back when you turn the big boys off!  My fingers are crossed that I won't need to schedule an earlier appointment with my clinic before my October 5th appointment. If I do so be it, but I am aiming to not need to.

One thing I have noticed this past week, which I don't remember ever being this bad before, is the itchy lung syndrome.  I posted about it on face book and not too many people had a clue what I was talking about.  It just feels like my lungs are itchy on the inside.  Especially after I cough, I can REALLY feel the itch.  Like the mucus is tickling the airways in there.  I am hoping this will go away soon because, while it may not be painful, it is certainly annoying.

My joints are also still a bit achy.  Fortunately it is only my knees and knuckles on my hands.  They aren't so bad I need to take Motrin but my knees make it difficult to bend and sit on the floor, then get back up.  So that is being added to my list for Dr D in October.

This fall is going to be chocked full of doctor's appointments.  I managed to finally pick a primary care physician, a gynecologist, eye doctor and dentist.  I have appointments with the gyno and pcp the first week of November.  I am excited about the gyno because I want to talk to her about the Lynch Syndrome and possible removal of my uterus.  And if she is not for that, then we will just do birth control again.  I hate BC because after a year I have to stop it and wait a few months to get my system back on track before I can start again.  Frustrating!!!!!!

That is all I have for updates with me.  In other news, please keep praying for our dear girl Cystic Gal as she is still retaining fluids and is having surgery after surgery to stop the problem.


  1. Dear Amy,
    Every so often I catch your blog. Great job! I'm a mom of 3 boys, 2 with CF. I've just read about your itchy lungs and have never heard of that myself either. I was wondering, if by chance you could have gotten poison ivy at some point? It's probably not what's going on, but I do know that poison ivy (& similar poisons) can move to the inside of our bodies and our lungs. I'll pray for the wisdom of your doctors to find the answer.

    God bless you.
    Robbi Cary

  2. Hi Amy - I think I know the itch of which you speak! Well maybe... for me it's usually in the AM and it's a stubborn clod of mucus in my bronchial tube that coughing and huffing won't get out. But every breath in/out you can feel it tickling. And it almost sends me into coughing fits because of the tickle! If I stop breathing (hold my breath) it doesn't tickle as much. Of course that makes me dizzy so I can't do that for long. But I need to force myself to not cough for a bit while things settle down. It almost always (when I get it up) has an older harder clod with it. ~Juliet