Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Clinic Appointment - impressive

I am so glad I ended up going to clinic today.  Originally when I made the appointment I was told I could cancel if I felt better by yesterday.  I felt better but not great so I decided to just go anyway and get my prescription for Cipro.  Well, thankfully I did!  I ended up being much sicker than I thought and if this round of Cipro doesn't do the trick it is back in the hospital for IVs for me.

They did a pre and post pft on me.  Pre was crappy (must interject here and remind everyone that the numbers my new clinic uses are different than my old clinic uses.  So while my numbers might look "ok" here, in my old clinic they are 3-4% worse).  I will post what they would be for both so you know what I mean and can see what I base things on.  Since I am used to my old clinic and how the numbers there correlated with how I felt I use those mainly.

PRE: (Penn)

FVC - 1.92L 56%
FEV1 - 1.06L 36% (33%)
FEV1/FVC - 55%
FEF25-75 - .43L 12%

POST: (Penn)

FVC - 2.16L 63%

FEV1 - 1.20L 41% (37%)
FEV1/FVC - 56%
FEF25-75 - .51L 15%

Aug 3rd (Penn)

FVC - 2.39L 70%
FEV1 - 1.45L 49% (46%)
FEV1/FVC - 56%
FEF25-75 - .69L 20%

My weight was also down slightly.  In August I was 120lbs and today I was 118lbs.

As you can see this cold has beat my lungs up quite a bit.  To combat this, I picked up my prescription for 750mgs of Cipro, twice a day, and also started the paperwork to get Cayston!  Yay I am super excited!  I have been wanting to try this new antibiotic and we are finally going to try it.  Hopefully I will be able to tolerate it, unlike Colistin and TOBI.  My culture shows I am sensitive to it, so all that is left is to test it out.  She said to make sure I do my albuterol and symbicort before taking the Cayston.  Fine by me.  I need an inhaled antibiotic.  Ever since I had to stop TOBI, and not being able to take Colistin, I have felt very vulnerable to infections.  Only having orals and IVs to fight off lung infections is no fun.  

One final note, I got my flu shot today so now I am protected for the winter.  Let's just hope the strand of the flu that runs rampant is the strand in the shot I got.

I'll be sure to update again after my appointment on October 5th.   

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