Tuesday, September 7, 2010

33 days till my 30th birthday!

My title really has nothing to do with my post I just wanted to say it LOL
I must apologize to my bloggie friends for not posting recently!  I have been busy with minor things and visiting family etc.  School starts back tomorrow and I will be back on the blogging bandwagon again.

This past weekend (which was Labor Day here in the States) Peter and I went away to a friends cabin up in NH.  We had so much fun!!!  You have to get to their cabin by boat which just rules!  No cars, no traffic, no telephone poles!  Just pure nature.  We had a fire going for most of the weekend since it was chilly.  The fire was great, inhaling the smoke not so much.  I am paying for it now with some bad SOB and lots of coughing.  A few days of hardcore vesting and neb treatments will hopefully set me straight.

Saturday and Sunday the lake was too choppy to do much boating.  We went out for a bit but we all ended up drenched by the time we got back in.  Monday however, the lake was calm and the sun was shinning.  We spent 2 hours riding around and it was awesome.  I love the wind and sun in my face!  We saw para-sailors and other boaters out.  I took a picture of a bridge I want to sketch too.  All in all a fabulous day.

As I stated earlier, tomorrow school starts again and I can get back to a routine.  This time I will have the full 9.5 months to get into one before next summer starts.  This week will be hectic since we are going back down to PA this weekend for my god-daughter's first birthday party.  So next Monday all hell will break lose here in MA!  I am still vesting, now I need to exercise.  I plan on starting at 3 days a week and working my way up.  M-W-F will be my Jillian Michaels days.  T-Th maybe I can take walks around the lake here.  I will need to bring my O2 though, as I know I will be walking a lot if I go.  My tolerance needs to be built up, both in my muscles and in my lungs.


  1. Good luck with your exercise program. I know it helps me so much. Keep us posted on your progress! What classes will you be taking at school?

  2. Glad you had a great weekend. SO excited about your birthday!!! Yay! Happy you are starting back an exercise routine. XO

  3. Sounds like a nice weekend! If you have any get in the exercise groove tips, I'm all ears. ;)

  4. I also have CF. My blog is http//thedriveat35.blogspot.com/