Monday, September 27, 2010

Playing the Learning Game

We all go through this....learning our limits with CF.

Whether or not we ever pay attention to those limits is another story.  Me, I seem to pay attention on occasion.  However, there are nights like tonight when I bypass all reason and pretend I am a normal, healthy 29 year old woman.

What did I do you ask?  Well....I rearranged the kitchen cabinets....all of them.  At 6pm at night, 8 hours after my last treatment.

It all started when the UPS guy delivered my Altera cleaning kit from CFServices Pharmacy.  It includes a NUK baby bottle sterilizer and some Tupperware.  The sterilizer machine is not exactly small so I needed to find room on our already cluttered, too small kitchen counters for it.  This lead to cleaning out the pots and pans cabinet, which lead to the "pantry closet", which lead to the pasta cabinet, which lead to the canned goods cabinet, which lead to the bread and baking cabinet, which lead to the spices cabinet, which lead to the cabinet above the fridge.  We only have one more cabinet, the dishes and glasses one which I left alone.  I spent over an hour doing this, amidst my boyfriend telling me to slow down and shaking his head.  And no, there is no way he could help me because I would get frustrated and annoyed so its better for me to do it alone, which he knows.

While I might be feeling better from the Cipro, I am far from back to baseline.  To prove just how far away, my lungs decided to play fun games back with me.  Each time I coughed, my sight went narrow and I almost blacked out.  What makes it even more fun is standing on a stool when it happens.  Again, it only took me an hour to do all this so I was able to relax afterwards.  But the repercussions will last all night and most likely into tomorrow as well.  My back hurts ridiculously, my lungs are still throbbing and I am coughing up streaky mucus.  I will be a smart CF woman and go to bed early, and sleep late again tomorrow.

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  1. But the bright side to all of this is you have a organized kitchen now!! LOL Rest up and I am sure you will feel better in a couple days! XoxoX