Sunday, November 28, 2010

The need to exercise

I posted on CF2Chat a couple days ago about my absolute distaste for exercising. And also asking what others tell their doctors about what they do for exercise, if they are like me.

I'm not a couch potato by any means. Yes some days I don't do much but sit on the sofa watching TV and crocheting, but really I'm making money while doing that lol. I clean at least once sometimes twice a week. Laundry is two days a week. Food shopping at least once a week. This is at least 3 days of exercise, if not in the traditional sense. Then of course there is sex. Might not be the full 25+ minutes of a high heart rate exercise that is recommended, but it certainly gets ya going!

As we were all bouncing stories and ideas around, a good point was made. I need to find something I LOVE to do that is exercise. But what? Well the only exercise based activity I love (besides sex) is horseback riding. However, I haven't done it since I was a junior in high school - 12+ years ago. I was a show jumper. I've got ribbons galore and riding gear that sits lonely in a tote (gave my trunk to a non-profit riding facility for the disabled - love Craigslist!). My lung functions are lower than they were then and so is my tolerance for just about everything. I'm talking 4 hours of sleep sustained me for a day easily back then.

So how to I get myself ready to tackle those jumps again?

First I need to accept (and this is the hardest by far) that I might not be able to get to that point nearly as quickly as I did when I was 16. That I might have to start out walking for the first 5 sessions to build up both my lungs and my leg muscles.

Second I need to start some basic training. I don't mean going to the gym for hours a day, but maybe just a walk around the complex. I walk to the mailbox a couple times a week so maybe I should start taking the long way.

And third I need to find a facility that offers lessons during the day and is fairly close by. And preferably decently priced.

Luckily we are approaching winter. For me, the cold is very harsh on my lungs and unless the facility has a heated indoor ring, I'm out till at least April. But that gives me 4 months to work on my muscle toning and stamina. Someone mentioned the YMCA as a good place to start. Usually programs are cheap and maybe they will even have some day time pool classes I can take.

I need to treat myself like a child...offer a reward for a job well done. Perhaps a new shirt for 2 weeks of exercising. Or a new book. Something that will give me a reason to get there besides just the possibility of riding again one day. Being able to get back on a horse is a post-transplant goal of mine. But why can't I make it a pre-transplant one instead?

Me in Culpepper VA when I was 15


  1. For a couple months now I have been writing a series of blogs called Work-Out Wednesdays. I have been sharing my tips for staying active, as it is hard to stay motivated. I like to mix things up and do something different everyday for exercise. It is not easy, but I believe I owe my health to my dedication to exercise. Perhaps you can find some helpful tips on my blog?

    Good luck, Colleen

  2. The only way I get my ass on the treadmill, is that I don't let myself turn on the TV unless I'm on it, or I've already been on it, that day. Then I make weekly goals, and if I meet them Mon-Fri, I take the weekend off. If I don't, I have to workout on the weekend :(. Also, I reward myself pre and post with a chococlate yummy and send texts while I walk to pass the time.

  3. I like those ideas Beth! Now I need a treadmill lol

    Thanks Colleen! I am going to read through and see if something strikes my fancy.

  4. I look forward to following you on this new endeavor and seeing pics of you on a horse VERY soon :)


  5. I tried riding a horse and it feels good. I am happy seeing you enjoying.