Saturday, November 20, 2010

Special Visitor

Many of you may remember my visit with CG back in March while she was inpatient?  If not, here is the post.

Well, yesterday afternoon she came to visit me!  It was nice to have company after my little ordeal yesterday (a blog may follow in a few days explaining, I have written it but not sure if I will post it) and chat about it with another CFer.  

She was kind enough to bring me some goodies!  I got one of her new tee-shirts (which I LOVE and can't wait to wear when I get out of here), a book - Sick Girl Speaks by a friend of ours that had 2 double lung transplants, and some fun snacks.  

It was great seeing her and her post transplant adorable self!  She's so bubbly and full of life, I can't imagine not being excited to see her!


  1. awwwww. thanks. its bloggies bloggying about bloggies! i just got home from my first "night out" since tx- you know, just me and a buddy at a bar like normal people. It was totally fun even though it was a Coca Cola only night for me :) xxoo!


  2. Nothing beats coca cola and the atmosphere of a bar!!!! :) Pre-transplant and sometimes that's all I have too!

  3. awww! I thought it was you that CG blogged about. Glad you guys had a good time (and that you got some munchies and reading material)! Hope you're doing better after your PICC incident :o(