Sunday, May 6, 2012


Having CF makes making friends a bit more difficult.  I can't do the "normal" thing, make a friend and have it turn into something good.  I have to be careful because not all people want to deal with someone who has a life threatening illness.  And its difficult to start a friendship when you are not always able to be around.  I can't just drop everything and go out on a Saturday afternoon.  If I feel shitty I can't go.  If I haven't had a treatment in a while I have to make sure I do one before going.  Then there is the explaining why you can't do things, or why the friendship has to have limits.  Its just so frustrating.

I need friends up in MA, but its hard to make them.  I have never made friends easily to begin with and now I feel like its next to impossible to make them.


  1. I need friends too.. the internet used to be a good alternative until they all started to have real lives. sad.

  2. Sorry you feel like this. I can understand.
    Half my family live overseas and some friends don't know the inner workings of my neurological disorder, esp the degeneration part. I use a wheelchair.
    Keep hope. You can do it.

  3. I agree. The first thing I'll will say since I haven't commeted n your blog before is that I don't have CF. I do have major respiratory issues secondary to CVID (primary immune deficiency) and a bunch of other things so I unerstand how dealing with day to day medical crap interfers with making friends. I have a handful of good friends, but right now the majority of them are moving away since they just graduated from vet school (I have about six months left since I have had to take time off because of *drum roll please* health problems). So I have a batch of new people to explain everything too. In the words of Farscape: Frell

  4. I agree with what you are saying. My current best friend, Tricia, it took us a long time for me to trust that she understood why I so often would break plans or change plans or why plans had to be based around my needs. She is one of a kind.

    I want you to know that I am your friend, and I know we don't get to see each other too much, but I love you and I am honored to call you a friend of mine.

  5. Amy I wish I could hang out with you!! We'd be quite a pair coughing it up everywhere. - catchastar

  6. Thanks ladies. I know I have friends up here but what started it was on Saturday P had to work and E was supposed to go with her nana around 2. Her aunt dropped her off at 11 and nana showed up right then and there. So here I was expecting to have 2 hours and all planned out and it was gone. So I was bored out of my mind and had to make cupcakes by myself. Then P didn't get home till 5pm. During the week I don't mind being alone but on the weekends it sucks. It would have been nice to have someone to call and be all like "what are you up to? want company" and hang out there for like 2 hours instead of being bored at home ya know.

  7. Sorry to hear to your struggles with friendships. We talked a couple of times on msn, I'm not on there very much anymore, but soon will be again as I'm moving to Toronto for transplant and won't know anyone. I'll be relying on the internet for all my connections.
    Add me to facebook, we can chat there!


  8. Friendships can be hard in general, regardless of disease. I can relate to aching for close friendship, even though I don't have CF. If I had a few free hours to spare in a day, I don't know that with the varied schedules of my friends that I'd be able to find someone to spend that time with on the fly. Most of them have growing families that usually account for their weekends. However, I can appreciate that having CF makes something that can already be complicated all that much more difficult. I hope you find the companionship that you need in friends that are close-by!

  9. i know how it feels too. in miami people are allowed to smoke everywhere. even in outdoor eating areas, right next to you!!! it's so gross. i stopped going out with my group of friends and now i just hang out with my bestfriend and another great friend. plus i have tons of family. i'm a loner at heart so as long as i'm with my fam i'm good. now that i've moved 5hrs away from them i'm really alone. thank god my boyfriend is great at talking and communicating with me when he comes home from work and he has weekends off. even though i do drive him crazy sometimes. lol. hey txt me whenever you want. do you have my cell#? we can drive each other crazy. lol.