Thursday, May 3, 2012


Why is it that we look upon ourselves so much harsher than the rest of the world?  Why can't we be happy with the way in which we look?  Why must I stress myself out that I look gross when in reality I don't?

I have never dealt with these feelings before and I don't like them.  I feel fat one minute and then fine with the why I look the next.  I eat something now, that my old CF body would have thrived on, and feel disgusting afterwards.  Yet when I try to eat only healthy good for you foods my body craves the fat causing foods and it drives me crazy.  I can't win.

I could win.

I could tell my brain to STFU and be thankful I am alive and have a good BMI.  But we all know that won't happen.

1 comment:

  1. Unfortunately that's just how human brains work. The people that usually don't ever feel the slightest bit of self consciousness are usually jerks lol.