Friday, May 4, 2012

Hospital Shopping

I haven't been out shopping for new things for hospital stays in a long time.  So after I dropped my step daughter off at the train station I drove myself to Target.

I needed some new tank tops and some under garments.  Luckily all were on sale. I also hit up the clearance rack and got a couple of cute, non hospital shirts.  I don't know about you all but I hate wearing small under wear when locked up.  I feel like I get so many more wedgies lol.  So I got myself some new boy shorts and a comfy bandeau bra that I can sleep in.  Right now I have been wearing a bandeau bathing suit top as my bra daily.  Sad I know....but straps on the bras and the under wire just constrict me too much.

And the other must get necessity was head bands.  I usually pull my hair back but it gets greasy fast and looks gross.  So I got a couple of head bands to hide the grease on the days I can't/don't want to shower.

Now just have to make it through the weekend and its off to club med for 5 or so days!!!

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