Monday, August 6, 2012

Curve Balls

Sometimes life throws us on a course that we aren't expecting but that we need.

For 2 weeks I was up early to take E to camp (read 7am) and then off to the gym to exercise.  No time to nap though as she needed to be picked up at 12:30.  I did have a couple of days where I did get a break but they were towards the beginning which really does nothing for me.

Last week E and I were in PA visiting my family.  Again I was not getting much sleep with 3 kids who are early risers.  I napped one day out of the 8 there.  Plus we were in the sun most of the day or I was out partying it up (bridal shower and bachelorette party - pictures will be posted at some point).  So I am totally and completely worn out.

Then there is today, followed by the rest of the week.  Up at 6:30 to be in class by 8:30.  Today we were in the classroom for 8 hours.  The next 3 days we will be walking around archives in Boston and Salem.  O.M.G.  The walking is going to kill me.  I digress though.  By 2pm I was shivering and feeling completely achy.  I could tell I had a fever.  When I got home I took my temp....It is running between 99.3 and 100.1.  Nothing horrible but ugh!!!  One day.  I lasted one day before I got "sick".  I say "sick" because I know it is lack of sleep.

Besides completely running myself ragged the past 3 weeks I finally got my O2 study results back.  Drum-roll please.....I need O2 with sleep, even when "healthy".  And of course I haven't been wearing it so I keep forgetting to put it on when I go to bed.  Tonight I won't.  Tonight I plan on going to bed, oh, well, in about an hour and sleeping all night, with my O2.

What does this all mean?  Well it means it is a good thing I did not interview and get a new job.  I lasted 3 weeks on less sleep than usual.  3 weeks before I began running fevers.  3 weeks before I know I am too exhausted to do anything.

Thank you lungs for being shitty and making a wonderful few weeks so awful.


  1. Sorry you are feeling like dookie :( I'm happy that you had some pretty awesome stuff going on the last few weeks. Hopefully some good rest will help you feel MUCH better <3 Hugs.