Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Roller Coaster....of Numbers

Another fun filled clinic appointment done and over with.

As per my usual course after stopping IVs I am down 6% with my FEV1.  I was 1.28L or 44% on May 23rd and I am 1.10L or 38% today.  Normal stuff and I don't sound or feel bad.  Maybe some more mucus, maybe some more SOBness, but nothing to ring any alarm bells.  I am going to start a 2 week course of Cipro tomorrow and see if I feel any better.  Either way, I will be scheduling an admission for the beginning of September so I will be all hunky dory for our wedding and honeymoon!

The next 2 weeks will be key however, as next week I am in PA with E for 8 whole days!  That is the longest time P and I have been away from each other since we started dating!  And the week after that I have an institute for school which is M-F 8:30am to 4:30pm.  Rough stuff with little time to sleep.  But then I get a full week after that with no kids so I can sleep all that time if I so desire.

Here is a picture of my numbers over the last year and a half:

You can plainly see the ones when I am on IVs and when I need IVs.  Up, down, up, down.  It is a roller coaster of numbers, which is highly ironic considering I HATE roller coasters!

I told her about my Spinning class and my need for O2.  She recommended it most definitely if I continue.  If I decide to modify and not push myself so hard then I don't need to wear it.  But if I want to get the most of it then I should push myself right?

So a relatively decent appointment.  I go back the Wednesday after Labor Day and we see if the Cipro helped any and also schedule that IV clean out.


  1. hey amy, numbers are super normal to go down after iv's. i understand the use of o2 for spinning, i use my o2 on the eliptical and it's so much easier. i also have a plastic bag next to me so i can cough in. it's gross but better than using a million pieces of tissues. goodluck with the cipro and i hope your numbers go up. Oh, since moving up here to northern florida my pft's have gone up with no iv's just working out! from 29%-33%!! it's tough but it works. :)

  2. Go back and read my post on how cool it is to wear O2 ;)

    Sucks your FEV1 is down, but good that you're starting cipro.

    Enjoy your time in PA!