Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Amazing Difference in 3 Months from Exercise!!!

This is the story of a Cyster's desire to improve her body and her health.  This is a story with a happy plot line.  This story is not over yet.

Three months ago I joined a new gym.  I had been at my old one for a while but it was boring, I didn't like the atmosphere and I felt like a puny girl.  Then the end of February I found a flyer in the mail-room of our condo.  It was for a women's only gym down the street.  Closer than the other gym!!!  I decided to check it out.  It was a bit more pricey but it had a good vibe and they offered classes for teens which was perfect for my step-daughter.  I was hooked!  I signed up that day and have not looked back since.

With the gym membership (and an annual fee) you can get a fitness consult to see where you are body wise. It was $90 and you get 4 appointments.  I couldn't say no.  March 13, 2013 I had my first consult.  I was nervous.  I felt fat and gross and so out of shape.  I say I FELT that way because while I was out of shape, I was far from fat.  

Here are some stats from that consult:

Weight: 126.2 lbs
BMI: 22.4
Body Fat: 30.8%
Fat Mass: 38.9 lbs

Cardio Fitness: 28.9 (needs improvement - NI)

Grip Strength: 51.6 (Fair)
Push ups (on your knees): 7 (NI)
Sit and Reach: 13.2 (NI)
Plank: 11 (Good)
Vertical Jump: 7.7 (NI)

Fast forward to today.  It has been 3 months, and only 6 personal training sessions.  I exercise 5-6 days a week.  I do cardio for 4 days, strength training one day a week and then I also do Tone It Up.  I am eating better, I am working out, and I am seeing results (and I realize I sound like a dam infomercial!).  

Here are today's stats:

Weight: 121.2 lbs
BMI: 21.5
Body Fat: 28.4% (28% is normal)
Fat Mass: 34.4 lbs

Cardio Fitness: 37.8 (Very Good)

Grip Strength: 52.9 (Fair)
Push ups (on your knees): 25 (Very Good)
Sit and Reach: 22.86 (NI)
Plank: 11 (Good)
Vertical Jump: 12.7 (NI)

Now for the kicker:

I lost 14.25 inches from my body!!!
3/4" from my neck
1.5" from my shoulders
1.5" from my chest
2.5" from my waist
2.5" from my hips
2.0" from each of my thighs

I lost 4.5 lbs of body fat and decreased my Body Fat% by 2.4%.  

My biggest surprise is not the 14" that I lost, but the improvement in my cardio functions!  Granted, today I could not finish the treadmill test (they increase the incline and I insisted that once I hit 90% O2 we stop since my lungs are not fully cooperating), whereas last time I forced myself to finish no matter what.  But my recovery time for my HR was much better this time around.  

I knew I lost weight, I knew I lost inches.  But I had no idea the results were this fabulous.  My trainer asked if I wanted to be on the testimonial board and I said yes!!!  After 6 sessions to see such an improvement, it makes me so happy.  I realize now that the hard work IS paying off.  I may not get back to work, but I know I will be healthier, and if I keep this up, when I get a transplant, hopefully my recovery and chances of survival will increase with the added health on the rest of my body.  

I love this!!!


  1. That is so awesome!! Good work and amazing results. You're obviously working your butt off. So happy to hear how positive the last 3 months have been!


    1. Thanks its been hard as hell but its so worth it :)