Friday, June 21, 2013

The Fevers That Just Won't Quit

Wow 9 days?!?!  Sorry folks.  Been hectic around here.

My lungs have not been cooperating with me at all.  Nothing ER visit worthy but definitely looking forward to Tuesdays clinic visit.  If she doesn't think I need to be admitted I will have a HISSY FIT and a half.

My O2 with exercise is absolute shit.  Normally I walk at 3.5 with bursts at 3.8.  Right now I am GASPING at 2.7.  And my O2 is hovering at 90%.  Heart rate has been as high as 171.  Wednesday I started with fevers.  Tonight again, its 101.  Hasn't been that high since the flu of April.  Hoping I am pushing myself too hard and my body is just tired and fighting something.  If I hit 102, no worries I will haul my butt to the ER I promise.  I finished my prednisone and Cipro on Tuesday.  No difference, and really, I think I am slightly worse.  Fevers say that at least.

Thursday I still did my personal training session, but we modified it a lot.  Some days I do walking lunges and other exercises that require me to walk while holding weights.  On a good day they make me SOB, so I requested we cut all walking exercises out.  I tried one squatting exercise and made it through one set before I said no more on that one.  I couldn't do it.  She even commented that I was breathing MUCH heavier than normal.  And I only completed about 2/3 of what I normally do.  Still not too bad all things considering though.  Of course, I watch other people with their trainers and I see the amount of things they do and it just exhausts me ha!  They complete at least 1.5 if not 2 times the amount of exercises that I do.  Granted I am functioning at less than 40% lung function so I need to pat myself on my back for that.  And I am seeing results physically so that is excellent.

Thursday I also had my follow up with the GI docs.  My MRI looked good, nothing concerning and no need to see the Pancreas surgeon yet.  I am to schedule my colonoscopy, endoscopy, and endoscopic ultrasound for mid-November.  Then schedule a follow up with her in December to go over the results.  Once we get those tests again, we will have come full circle in a year and we can go from there.  If everything looks good then we can just monitor the pesky cysts.

Anyway, I wanted to give a small update.  I will be sure to post after Tuesday's appointment.

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